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My downloadable recording debut.

An online friend of mine is hosting this mp3 for me, which I wanted to share here. It's me playing solo guitar, inspired by Frank Zappa's "Leather Goods", taken from a cassette I recorded last summer of various types of screwing around on guitar. There was a pretty long segment of wacky digital delay stuff, about 16-17 minutes, which I edited down to this pleasant 4:30 piece using WavePad. For what it's worth, this was just recorded using my Samick fake Telecaster through a Digitech RP100 for the delay and amp sounds, direct into the tape deck (in this case, my girlfriend's karaoke machine).

Here is the URL from which you can download the mp3..
Milhouse Guidry - "Those Aren't Really Leather Goods"

If you enjoy the recording, leave me a kind word or two :)

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