Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium (derekfz) wrote in musiclust,
Saint Mediocretes of Pedestrium

Thoughts on 7" rekkids I listened to this evening.

Atom and His Package / Har Mar Superstar - "Shopping Spree" split 7" on Sub City. [ I can't see myself listening to this more than maybe twice for the rest of the time I own it. Why did I buy this? ]

Atomic Action three band split 7" on Constant Change. [ I liked this rekkid pretty well. All three bands do covers. Seven League Boots cover Bob Dylan's Christian period "Solid Rock" on the A-side, while the B-side features Doc Hopper's rendition of "867-5309 (Jenny)" and Giving Tree (with a chick singer) does a pretty good version of the Dag Nasty song "Values Here" (or "Value$ Here?", pointedly enough) with that very-early-90s-indie-punk, lots-of-stereo-chorus-and-huge-sounding-drums kind of sound. This was the best of the ones I played today. The label says 331/3, but both sides are to be spun at 45. ]

Bad Religion - "Atomic Garden" one-sided 7" with crazy etching on the B-side on Sympathy For the Record Industry. [ This is an Ok song and all, but how many times am I really going to listen to this? Maybe once or twice a year from now or whenever I next decide to lock myself down and listen to a shitload of rarely-played 7". Again, why did I buy this? ]

Bracket - Stinky Fingers 7" ep on Fat Wreck Chords. [ Man, Bracket are so good. I really wish I had given them a chance earlier. The A-side of this record is so fucking good! Good melodic (almost Beatles-ish at times) punk with cool sounding compressed guitar. I mean, for real, that song "2RAK005" is bad ass. But it's so hard to listen to! The one side of the record is pressed a little bit off-center and the resulting wavering in pitch is too much for my delicate ears. It almost makes me dizzy. Which is a fucking shame, because I really wanted to spin that side of the record three or four more times. At least it's available on cd.. I'll have to look into getting that soon. ]

Brouhaha compilation 7" on Broken Rekids (reissue/repress, originally released on Piggly Wiggly in 1990). [ The sides are labeled "Jux" and "Pig" on the back cover. The etching in the dead wax on one side reads "side pig", but it isn't the "Pig" side. The label on what should be the "Pig" side says "side three." Wow, thanks for making that easy to figure out. Thank gawd records only have two sides, I would have been reeeeeally confused. Ok, the first song on this is Jawbreaker's "Caroline". This was taken from their first demo and features a slightly different mix than on the Etc. cd. The backing vocals are mixed up a little bit more and the bass stands out a bit more (definite plus.) Also, the end is edited slightly different and doesn't fade out as soon as the Etc. version. Um.. the other three bands are Nuisance, Cringer and Monsula, but none of them are as good as the Jawbreaker song. Monsula is better than the other two, though, and their song features a really weird middle break with a sped up Winnie the Pooh storybook record. That was kind of funny, actually. ]

I stopped at Franklin Bruno's The Irony Engine ep.. I have some other Bruno / Nothing Painted Blue 7" coming in the mail soon from eBay purchases, so I'm gonna hold off on listening to that one.

[ Yeah, I know you guys don't give a shit. ]
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